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Artist Development Intensive

Starts February 3 

5:30 - 7:00 ESST

What is it worth to you to be able to;

Close the Gap between where you are and where you want to be in your music career! 

Uncover things that are blocking you from staying Motivated, Focused, & Productive!

Develop tools and strategies to be able to connect and engage your ideal fan! 

Most artists find their journey lonely, frustrating and endlessly questions 'what do they need to do next' to be successful in their careers


YOU dream of getting...


Songwriting Partners


Increased followers,

Huge streaming numbers


Perhaps signed to a Record Label


If you are lucky enough to develop any of those relationships - they often breakdown, they aren't what you thought they would be, you are left feeling overwhelmed disappointed and lost for what's next

"I have learned more through LVS programs than I have through all my post secondary education. I highly recommend LVS for artists who are serious about taking their career to the next level"


The trust is, it's not possible for any professional relationships to work effectively until YOU truly know

'who YOU are'

'where YOU want to go'


'what YOU are committed to doing to achieve it!'

Lorraine's ADI (Artist development intensive) program is Designed for artists...

Who are serious about their careers

Who want to dig deeper into who they are as an artist

Define what makes them standout

Develop tools to sell them self first and then be able to sell the music they create

Discover who their ideal audience is and how to engage with them in a memorable way

Lorraine has lead this program over the past 5 years to hundreds of artists. She is renown for her boundless passion, positive energy, commitment to the artists she works with,

and for ALWAYS overdelivering  


  1. 1.5 hour class each week!

  2. CREATE who you want/need to BE as an Artist

  3. DISCOVER the 'WHY'  behind everything you do

  4. DEVELOP strategies for achieving outstanding RESULTS

ADDED BONUS - INDUSTRY GUESTS each and every week! 

ADDED BONUS - HOMEWORK You will get assignments each week that when completed you will get massive OUTCOMES

"Lorraine pushes artists to achieve more. The weekly classes and homework gave me the accountability to start to push myself and get results"


This program is unique each and evert session to incorporate what is happening in the industry right now! Lorraine has the benefit of working with some of the biggest names in the industry from Record Levels, Managers, and Artists like 

  • Ali Gatie

  • Roy Woods

  • Delaney Jane

  • Jamie Fine

  • Kayla Diamond

For the first time this program will include a personal one on one consulting with Lorraine and her team after Week 1 to ensure you get the maximum benefit from this program! 

And for the first time you will get the chance to participate in our Artist Support 1 month or 4 month program that will include 4 one on one coaching sessions a month for 4 months where you will have access to major industry experts including Artist Managers, A&R, Hit Producers, Music Supervisors, other Artists and so much more! 

VALUE $1,200



That works out to under $100/class!!!!

SO what do you have to loose?

  • This year is all about closing the gap! 

  • Become the CEO of your music career! 

What do you stand to gain?

  • Be a part of an artist community unlike any other

  • Get first hand coaching from wold class coach Lorraine Lawson PLUS music industry experts 


As an artist herself, Lorraine has released countless dance singles since the age of 16, 4 solo projects including an EP just last year and has made over 20 other music projects with some of the greatest producers in Canada. She has been on ‘both sides of the glass’ producing hundreds of vocals session for signed and indie artists.


Lorraine’s passion for sharing her industry insights, her mistakes and successes ultimately to make a lasting positive impact, is her greatest purpose.


She can’t wait to make a difference in your life and career!


Whether you take this program or maybe another in the future or you may decide to become a private client, know Lorraine and her team are ready to help you achieve a voice you love and develop your skills to gain the confidence to share it!

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