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'Becoming 2022' Submission DETAILS

The submission form requires artists to create a video (maximum 5 minutes), which is to be prepared specifically for this contest. We recommend that you have this video prepared and saved as an unlisted YouTube link ahead of time before beginning your submission, as submission forms cannot be saved while in progress.

Part One: Introduce Yourself (1-2 minutes): 

  • Your 'artist pitch' + what makes you stand out?

  • Tell us about yourself as an artist, how you got started, what you're doing now and where you want to go?

Part Two: Perform (2-4 minutes): 

  • Perform edited versions of 2 songs (1-2 minutes per song)

  • 1 cover and 1 original / 2 original songs.

  • Perform either accompanied, with a backtrack, or acapella.


  • Be yourself! 

  • Think about your setting - what’s in the background? Lighting? Camera Position? 

  • Make sure your sound is clear and not distorted.

  • Shoot landscape (horizontal) and not portrait (vertical) style.

  • Sing live - please do not submit a produced video or lip sync.

For comments and questions, please reach out to Please be sure to reference BECOMING 2022 SUBMISSION in your email’s subject.

'Becoming 2022' Submission FORM


Thanks for registering.

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