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‘Communicate with Conviction’
with Celebrity Coach Lorraine Lawson
Free Training
Saturday, 1st April 2023, 12 pm EST | 9 am PST

Most people spend years developing their knowledge, practicing for hours, building their skills, in order to become great at what they do. 

But no matter how much time you spend in school, on the court, in the practice lab, or in the boardroom, the people who are successful, have an undeniable ability to communicate with conviction. 


Join Celebrity Coach, Lorraine Lawson, as she delivers 3 key tools and tips she has developed over years of coaching hundreds of diverse clients, for a one-time only FREE TRAINING on Saturday April 1st, 12pm EST.

Lorraine has been coaching Grammy and Juno nominated and winning artists, the actors on Schitts Creek and countless people just like YOU who are looking to do what they love at a higher level, for the past 25+ years. 


As a thank you for attending this special training on Saturday April 1st, Lorraine is giving everyone a FREE Chapter ‘The Audience’ from her book ‘Power of Performance’ on Amazon! 

✔ If you struggle with public speaking or public misconception…..
✔ If you get nervous before a presentation or speech or sales call…..
✔ If your speaking voice isn’t reflecting who you are…..
✔ If your speaking voice gets tired easily….
✔ If you struggle with people not understanding what you are saying and the emotion behind it 
✔ If you want to have greater influence over your audience, your customer, your team or your client…

The information in the training will make an immediate difference to your ability to “Communicate with Conviction”


All you have to do to get your free ticket, is fill out the info below. 


“People need to understand, it’s not simply what they know or what they have done in the past that makes them successful. The secret to success is in a person’s ability to be memorable!


 I can’t wait to show you the tools to do that in this training!” -Lorraine



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