Instructors: Lorraine Lawson, Kate Davies, Danny Reiner + industry special guests

Duration: 4 weeks x 1 hour + private Zoom session

Dates: TBD 

Online Price: JOIN WAITLIST - email

The Get Plugged In Music Industry Mentorship Program is committed to providing expert coaching and mentorship to emerging artists across Canada. In this program, we will dive into various facets of the music industry as they relate to emerging artists in Canada. The course will also allow artists the opportunity to submit an "audition" to our panel (which will consist of Lorraine Lawson, Kate Davies, and Danny Reiner), and have a private Zoom call with this panel to discuss your submission, ask questions, and receive feedback. The "audition" portion is voluntary but available to all who sign up to the program and for feedback purposes only (ie. no contest). We will also feature industry guests and artists during our Q&A sessions in weeks 3 and 4.

Week 1: Why Wouldn't You/What Makes You Memorable with Lorraine Lawson

Week 2: How to Submit Your Audition/How to Pitch Yourself/How to Approach an Industry Professional with Lorraine Lawson and Kate Davies

Week 3: Industry Q&A with Samantha Pickard and Vivian Hicks

Week 4: Industry Q&A with Ron Lopata and Baldeep Randhawa

**[Weeks 3-4: 10-15 minute Private Mentorship sessions over Zoom with Lorraine, Kate, and Danny


Industry Panel and Guests: 

Lorraine Lawson - Founder/CEO of Lawson Vocal Studios; #1 Vocal and Performance coach in Canada to artists such as Neon Dreams, Delaney Jane, Blake McGrath, Roy Woods, Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine, Schitt's Creek, Kayla Diamond

Kate Davies - VP Business Development + A&R at LVS; former A&R Director for CTV's The Launch, Universal Music, The Feldman Agency

Danny Reiner - Artist Manager and Marketing for Tyler Shaw and 21 Entertainment Group

Our last session also included:

Samantha Pickard - President, Public Relations & Events @ Strut Entertainment 

Vivian Hicks - Canadian artist and social media influencer with over 1.3 million followers on TikTok and 370K+ followers on Instagram

Ron Lopata - VP of A&R @ Warner Music Canada

Baldeep Randhawa - Talent Agent @ APA Agency