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Get the RESULTS you LOVE faster working with the RIGHT Coach for YOU! 

“Lorraine is the best in the Biz”

- Sal Wassim Slaiby Founder Salxco 

“Thank you for getting me right where I needed to be”

- Emily Hampshire Schitts Creek 

“Lorraine knew exactly what to say and do to help me fill the gap from where I am and where I really wanted to be"

- Devon Cole 

STOP using old techniques that don’t work! 


STOP trying to fit a mold of how you think you ‘should’ sound! 


START discovering a voice you love! 


START using a proven approach to singing and performance that works! 


Whether you choose to work privately with one of our amazing LVS coaches or in one of our amazing group programs, you will not only improve your vocal and performance skills you will develop your ability to connect more deeply with an audience. 

"There's nothing like singing to take you from feeling ordinary to extraordinary!!" - Lorraine

 As one of the most successful coaches in North America, Lorraine is privileged to work with Juno and Grammy nominated and winning artists including JESSIA, Neon Dreams, Roy Woods, Kai, Scott Helman and Blake McGrath. She was the vocal coach on CTV’s the Launch and Season 5 of Schitts Creek plus Lorraine works with countless developing and emerging artists everyday focused on helping them fill the gap from where they are to where they want to be. 

Deemed “Canada’s Mariah Carey” by the National Post, Lorraine has released three critically-acclaimed jazz and pop albums, countless dance singles, and radio jingles, and has performed all over the world.


Lorraine is the proud founder of Lawson Vocal Studios where she is able to combine her years of experience coaching, recording, and performing. She is committed to providing singers with innovative programming and achieving exceptional results. 

“In just one online group class like CLUB LVS, I have learned more than with years of other voice lessons”

- Gizmen Cyprus Turkey 


“The best part of Lorraine’s approach to singing and performing is how personalized it is, especially as a recording artist" 

- James Singer/Songwriter Toronto Ontario

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“I can’t believe the notes I can sing now after just one lesson”

- Tomi, Recording Artist, Nigeria Africa


“Lorraine and her coaches are miracle workers. Their classes are so fun and I learn so much whether it’s Club LVS, Teen Pop Class or my one on one lessons with my coach"

- Anna Singer/Performer Barrie Ont 

Isn’t it time to invest in doing what you love to do? 

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