Instructor: Lorraine Lawson

Duration: 1.5 hours

Dates: TBD

Contemporary Natural Vocal Coordination is built on two essential principles of Mind and Body working symbiotically to achieve instant and lasting results: 1) the speaking and singing voice is dramatically affected by the subconscious and conscious mind, and 2) the realisation that the entire physical body can be used to speak and sing effectively without limitations or restrictions. Participants will experience the power that the mind has over the natural voice, allowing them to open up to their greatest potential. This will be done using targeted and detailed exercises, which eliminates tension in the face muscles. Natural Vocal Coordination has been used by countless singers in all genres with sustainable results. The goal is to create a platform whereby the singer can use their voice effectively in any genre, anytime, anywhere.

SECTION A - The Fundamentals of Natural Vocal Coordination for the Contemporary Singer

- The Stylistic Contemporary Voice, breaking down key concepts: Mind and Body, isolating the four articulators of speech and singing (jaw, cheeks, lips, tongue), distinguishing pitch and tone

SECTION B - Interactive: Working with Students Online

- students log in online and are able to participate, watch, and work directly with Lorraine (in depth workshop format)

- the goal of this workshop is to create instant and lasting results that the students can take with them, to use both in the online and offline world