The Next Level Vocal Masterclass

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COACHES: Falconer Abraham and Lorraine Lawson

This masterclass is designed to educate singers on not only the technical aspects of how their voice works, but also the benefits of understanding how to use their voice to create a unique and memorable vocal performance.


Falconer Abraham specializes in vocal technique and resonance balance, and has worked with the best of the best in Canada for over 25 years. Lorraine Lawson specializes in artist development and performance, with years of experience onstage and in the studio. Falconer and Lorraine have come together to offer a uniquely collaborative experience unlike any other. 


Together they will demythologize some of the things that happen when you sing. They'll discuss range, getting rid of that pesky break, improving pitch, and breathing. Through this masterclass, you will get the chance to work on your vocal hooks and dynamics as well as to find your own unique and consistent voice! 



DATES: please check back soon!