When you sing.... 

  • Do you worry about hitting the notes?

  • Does your voice crack sometimes and you don't know why?

  • Have you always wanted to sing but were told you can't?

  • Are you an artist who struggles with confidence and consistency? 

  • Do you want to be able to sing anything, anytime, anywhere? 


THE NEXT LEVEL VOCAL MASTERCLASS is not only focused on 'understanding​' HOW your voice works and HOW to use it consistently, but it will also address HOW working with the 'right' vocal coach can make a massive difference in you achieving a voice you love.

JOIN Celebrity coaches Falconer Abraham and Lorraine Lawson on:



1:00 - 3:00pm EST

for ONLY $27 (Reg $99)

$27 when you register by January 20th and SAVE over $70!!!

Club LVS members attend FREE

Falconer and Lorraine have worked with some of the greatest Canadian voices including

  • Alessia Cara

  • Jully Black 

  • Blake McGrath

  • Scott Helman

  • Roy Woods

  • Sean Jones

  • Jamie Fine 

  • Kai

  • Starts of TV (The Launch / Schitt's Creek / DC Titans)

  • Musical Theatre (Come From Away / We Will Rock You)

  • and now YOU

Their combined passion an expertise is only matched by their dedication to help their clients DISCOVER A VOICE THEY LOVE!

And NOW they want to share their passion with YOU

in this one day ONLY  Masterclass.

"I have always loved to sing but didn't think I had a nice voice. During the masterclass, we did some cool exercises where I could hit notes that were impossible before.

I'm excited to keep learning more!"


This is YOUR chance to experience how working with a professional contemporary coach can help you get the results YOU want for YOUR voice.

Often singers stop their growth because they aren't seeing results. 

Falconer and Lorraine will give everyone attending

a special offer to help take your voice to

The Next Level... So

Make sure YOU don't miss out!!!

Far too often singers get frustrated and confused by trying to follow 'one technique' or a 'one size fits all approach to singing' only to find they aren't getting the results they want even after investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in lessons. 

"Having a vocal coach is a partnership, not unlike a professional athlete and can make all the difference in becoming the singer you want to be!"

- Valerie

We can't wait to see on

SUNDAY, JANUARY 24 1:00 - 3:00pm EST

This Masterclass is our gift to you to feel the joy from singing with a voice you love! 

"Without the singer, the song has no voice"

- Falconer Abraham