Renowned Vocal and Performance Coaches

Lorraine Lawson specializes in artist development and performance, with years of experience onstage and in the studio. Falconer Abraham specializes in vocal technique and resonance balance, and has worked with the best of the best in Canada for over 25 years. Lorraine and Falconer decided to come together to offer their clients a uniquely collaborative experience unlike any other.

At Lawson Vocal Studios our objective is simple: we want our clients to leave their coaching sessions and classes with an increased knowledge of their own unique voice and how they can achieve their goals in the most positive and inspired way.

Lawson Vocal Studios stands out as a place to train your voice and reach your potential as a performer. All our coaches are active performers with years of training in various techniques and disciplines. We use a natural contemporary approach to expand range, explore different vocal colours, and develop stage presence as well as self-confidence.

LVS offers private, semi- private and group classes for all ages. Contact our vocal experts for more information about how we can help you find your voice.

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