Develop the skills necessary to...

Become a powerful performer & transform your relationship with your audience forever!! 


Friday, August 14th 2pm EST LIVE on Zoom

from Noble Street Studios 


is specifically designed for singers who want to... 

Create who you want to be as an artist & Performer 

Develop skills necessary to truly stand on a stage with greater confidence

Learn strategies to telling your unique story to an Audience

Discover what makes you memorable

How to plan, practice & execute a powerful performance

Lorraine Lawson & Mary-Lu Zahalan have dedicated their careers to helping singers across all genres "Become the Artist they are Meant to Be."

These dedicated & passionate coaches have worked with thousands of singers including; Emerging and Established Recording Artists, Broadway Stars, Grammy Nominated, and Juno & Emmy Award Winners. 

This FREE Online Masterclass is being offered ONE TIME ONLY and is specifically designed for artists who want to take their performance skills to the next level

This is your chance to work with Lorraine and Mary-Lu as they share key strategies to

becoming a powerful performer 


HOW to Create a Powerful Artist Persona


HOW to Tell Your Unique Story


HOW to Design a Dynamic & Engaging Performance


HOW to leave your audience wanting more

Every singer dreams of standing on a stage and delivering a powerful performance where the audience is fully captivated and engaged. 


 For the first time, these masterful coaches are offering their strategies for being a POWERFUL PERFORMER for FREE!!!

Noble Street Studios is one of the most successful recording studios in the world with a list of clients including;

Shawn Mendes, The Weeknd, Alessia Cara, Drake, 

and so Many More! 

JOIN this one time ONLY online MASTERCLASS 

Friday, August 14th 2pm EST LIVE from Noble Street Studios