Power of Performance: Online Edition

Instructors: Lorraine Lawson & Mary-Lu Zahalan

Duration: 4 weeks x 1.5 hour classes

Dates: TBD

This masterclass is based on the critically acclaimed and highly endorsed Power of Performance workbook, written by Lorraine and Mary-Lu.


In this interactive class, innovative tools are utilized that help develop stage presence and the ability to tell an interesting story with passion, consistency, and authenticity. Each time you get on stage there is always something new to learn - participants will be challenged to connect deeply to who they are as singers and performers. This online edition will consist of 4 sessions and will allow students to perform remotely while receiving invaluable feedback and developing essential performing skills. This is a not to be missed hands-on workshop for any singer in any genre and will produce immediate, sustainable and undeniable results.

PART A - Who Are You As a Performer?

- breaking down who you are and how to attract and engage an audience, physical and emotional performance, plugging in


PART B - How to Perform for Your Audience

- how to successfully tell your story with passion and consistency (live and online), how to create your performance environment and design your show, musical edits, and vocal performance

- setting up your camera, sound, use of space


PART C - Performances

- participants will be able to perform live in front of the online group, featuring observations, feedback, and masterful insights from Lorraine + Mary-Lu 

- vocal hooks, use of adjectives, storytelling, engagement with audience


PART D - Wrap Up

- takeaways : knowledge/skills to create a unique persona, improved stage presence, capability and confidence to deliver a memorable vocal and physical performance, and the ability to tell an interesting story