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By Shinan Govani

Star vocal coach Lorraine Lawson has coached everyone from Alessia Cara to the cast of “Schitt’s Creek.” Her clients range in age from nine to 99. “My role is not to judge - my role is to teach,” she tells Shinan Govani.

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By Manus Hopkins 

"When you're working next to the top engineers in the world and the top producers in the world and the top producers in Canada, you get really goos at realizing what makes a singer unique," Lawson says. "To Establish the identity is more important than any technique."

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By Lorraine Lawson

Every artist knows that in order to be sucessful they need to be memorable! There is an increasing pressure on the artist to develop themselves fully and completly, not just to write adn produce outstanding original music because that's a given. 

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Power Of Performance (1).jpg

By Lorraine Lawson & Mary-Lu Zahalan

"Lorraine & Mary-Lu share a passion for Artists of all genres and help them reach their greatest potential. These two world-class coaches recognized the need to expand what they have been teaching over several decades and have put their combined expertise into this performance workbook" - Randy Lennox, Music & Media 

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Lorraine E-Book.png

Artist Development Intensive Workbook

By Lorraine Lawson

In the past, the main emphasis on the artist was to create the music and the record label or artist manager concentrated on how to market that music to the world. Today, artists are expected to build their audience from the ground up.

Exclusive to our Artist Development Intensive Program

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