Audition Bootcamp

COACHES: Lorraine Lawson, Jeni Walls, & special guest coaches

Our LVS Audition Boot Camp is a special 4 day program for performers ages 8-18 who are wanting to get professional coaching in the art and skill of auditioning for Musical Theatre. Professional Instructors work on each area of discipline to help prepare these young performers for what is expected from a real audition experience.

The final day concludes with the participants showcasing what they have learned in front of a panel of industry experts including casting directors, talent agents, musical directors, and others. Each participant will be given a video of their audition to be used as a learning tool as well as a reel for potential agents. 

CAPACITY: 10 artists


DATES: TBD - Summer 2020

329 Lonsdale Rd, 2nd Floor

Toronto, ON

M4V 1X3

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