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Three pieces of theme music are used for the first season. The opening theme is "Monochrome no Kiss" (though written as Monochrome Kiss) by the Japanese rock band Sid, while the first ending theme is "I'm Alive!" by the American singer Rebecca Hollcraft, commonly known as Becca. The second ending, which began airing with episode 14, is "Lacrimosa" by Kalafina. Two singles containing the theme music and other tracks have been released; the single containing tracks from Sid was released on October 29, 2008 and the single from Becca was released on October 22, 2008.[3] The third single containing tracks from Kalafina has a release date of March 4, 2009.

You have requested : Dark.Angel.S02E06.MP4.LEG....

One day, she was studying for the SATs in the library when she receives a text from Sasha reminding her it was Anne's birthday. As she was about to leave, Marcy notices a mysterious book the librarian drops called Dr. P's Extraordinary Guide To Magic & Mystery and reads through the book, which contains notes about a magical music box that can transport people to other worlds. Marcy mocks the book's contents before receiving another message from her father to come home immediately, as they had something important to discuss. When Marcy arrives at home, she learns that her father got a new job out of state, and her family would have to move. Devastated about leaving her friends behind, Marcy runs out of the house in tears.

During the Barbari-Ant Attack, she is reunited with Anne three months later when she came to Newtopia in search of a way home. Anne presented Marcy to the Plantar family after hugging her (and throwing out her cape, which had caught fire). Marcy then happily introduces herself to the family, even deducing that they are from Frog Valley based on Hop Pop's cranium and the soil attached to him, which fascinated Hop Pop and she quickly won him over by complimenting him on his farmer status. Marcy then begins to examine Polly, finding out that her legs would most likely expand out of her in two months, which piqued Polly's attention and won her over. Marcy then introduces herself to Sprig, who welcomes her with suspicion because of his family's prior fight against Sasha and her Toad Army. As Anne inquires about her whereabouts, Marcy reveals that she had warped right into the heart of the city of Newtopia, where she became acquainted with them after discovering the newts were identical to the "sephilons" she heard about while playing the video game Creatures and Caverns. Anne asks Marcy if she can get them into Newtopia. Unfortunately, she is unable to do so before the ants have been dealt with; however, she has a scheme and leads them out.

Marcy reaches a nearby tent and introduces Anne and the Plantars to the newts. Although the newts confess they haven't come up with a clear idea yet, Marcy tells them that she does. She then goes on to explain the plot, which is to creep into the ant hills and scare the queen out of their lair, forcing the rest of the ants to flee with her. When Sprig inquires about how they'll do this, Marcy demonstrates a stinkshroom-encrusted belt that emits poisonous pheromones capable of driving the ants clear. Anne then starts to stress the mission's risks, especially considering the fact that they will eventually have to battle their way through some of the colony to meet the queen. Since Anne has dealt with similar circumstances in Frog Valley and is well aware of Marcy's clumsiness, Anne recommends that she and the Plantars take care of the project instead. Marcy promises Anne that she'll be fine (Just as Anne points out her burning cape again).

Marcy then claims that she was going to get out of the way on her own, but Anne disagrees, insisting that she must ensure Marcy's safety, much as she does at home. Marcy tells Anne that they aren't back home yet, and she has managed to look after herself up to this point. After a nearby egg hatches and the larva lunges at Sprig's face, Sprig lets out a cry, prompting him to alarm the queen. The Queen then lunges at Sprig and devours him whole, screeching and summoning yet more ants. Marcy then finds out that Sprig is still alive because ants take longer to eat their food, and she goes to rescue him, but Anne stops her once again. Anne proposes that she remain put and she save Sprig instead, however Marcy tells her that she is the most experienced about Barbari-Ant biology and therefore the right choice for the role, but Anne remains in her conviction that she should do it in her place. Marcy then presses Anne for an explanation as to why she won't let her do so, to which Anne sobs as she mentions that she has just gotten her back and doesn't want to lose her again. Marcy then assures Anne that she can do it as she bounces her way towards the queen on the backs of the ants, recognizing that they have bouncy bodies as a result of her study.

Marcy agrees to have a sleepover with Anne, Sprig, and Polly the night before King Andrias can announce the findings of their study. Since Sasha is the "Queen of Sleepovers," Anne and Marcy remember they have never had a sleepover without her, but they know they have enough practice to throw one for Sprig and Polly. "Pajamas, junk food and gossip galore, pillow fights, movies and tearing up the dance floor and listen up cus' this I won't repeat; never ever go to sleep" they announce. They then go on a spree in the castle, angering Lady Olivia, who advises them not to go into the cellar, but of course, they didn't listen to her.

Marcy, who was researching the flora and fauna, sees Maddie restore the tree to its former glory and scolds her siblings for the upheaval. Marcy introduces herself after they depart and shows an interest in learning spells as well. Maddie is enthralled by Marcy's passion, and the two head out to collect charms, much to the tadpoles' displeasure. Maddie tells Marcy that she used to play with her siblings all the time before she found her interest for magic and now has little time to play for them. Marcy advises her to allow time, but Maddie considers her work to be more significant. When Marcy and Maddie are bonding, Rosemary, Lavender and Ginger decide that they need to be older in order for Maddie to play with them again. They steal her spell book and cast a spell in the morning, but Maddie chastises them for scribbling in her book. Despite this, the tadpoles feel they have finished the spell they need to use. Maddie and Marcy are successful in resurrecting Fleafy, but their triumph is short-lived due to the arrival of Rosemary, Lavender, and Ginger, who have risen to be giants. The three end up causing mayhem all over town. Maddie realizes that they haven't mastered the growth spell meaning they did all wrong and that they made their decision based on her advice to "grow up." Maddie, now that she realizes she's to blame for the crisis, has Marcy work on a cure as she grows to giant proportions to settle them down until they learn they can't stop rising. Maddie juggles her sisters as Marcy administers the cure to them. Maddie then apologizes to her sisters for not being a proper sister, taking Marcy's advice.[1]

Marcy, Anne, and the Plantars quickly discovered that the temple's routes were all about strength when they arrived at the third temple. Sasha, who had hunted them down with Grime, saves them. Marcy was overjoyed to see Sasha and gave her a warm hug as they exchanged compliments on their new attire. Unlike Anne and the Plantars, she was delighted to have Sasha assist them as she explained their goal to replenish the gems. Marcy was made powerless due to the tremendous gravitational pull, but she witnessed Sasha beat the stone guardian. When Sasha recharged the gem and Anne proposed opening it, Marcy intervened, advising them to wait and bring it to King Andrias so they could learn how to properly use it. Unbeknownst to Marcy and everyone else, Anne and the Plantars were correct to be skeptical, for Sasha's change of heart turned out to be a ruse, as she and Grime planned to invade Newtopia and were using them as a means of entry.[9]

The three human girls, the Plantar family, Grime, and Frobo all arrived aboard Joe Sparrow at the gates of Newtopia. Marcy requested Sasha and Grime to keep their hoods up before handing over the music box to King Andrias, so she could put in a good word for them and clear them of any wrongdoings, but just as Anne was about to give it over, Sasha and Grime made their move and seized the king, signaling their concealed toad warriors to create rioting across the city. Marcy attempted, but failed, to bring the conflict to a peaceful conclusion. General Yunan saved Marcy, Anne, the Plantars, Frobo, and Lady Olivia as they were being brought to the dungeon. Marcy glanced through her telescope when the gang reassembled and calculated that the remainder of the Toad Army was less than an hour away from Newtopia, and that once they arrived, the city would be fully overrun. Anne gave a motivating speech, inspiring everyone to fight back, and then she revealed the plan to put an end to the uprising. Marcy, Olivia, and Hop Pop would rescue King Andrias from the dungeon, while Polly, Yunan, and Frobo would assault the Toads head on in order to distract them, and Anne and Sprig would close the gate to keep the invading toad army out.

After Anne and Sprig fought Sasha and Grime, Anne handed the box to Andrias, who then showed his real malevolent intentions by using the box to power his castle, causing it to rise into the air, and then activating the old factories all around Amphibia to build a robot frog army that flew to the flying castle. Andrias intended to conquer other worlds in the same way that his forefathers had, and he planned to conquer the Earth. But before the group could fight, Marcy stood out, claiming that this was not part of the plan he had given her, only for the insane king to acknowledge he had been lying to her all along. When Anne and Sasha inquired about what they were talking about, Andrias revealed that Marcy had purposefully left them all stranded in Amphibia, shocking both Anne and Sasha. Marcy then told her friends about her family's impending move and how she planned to use the box to keep the three of them together. Marcy then tried to justify her actions by reminding them of their fun adventure, how Anne and Sasha have grown as people in Amphibia, and Anne's friendship with Sprig were all because of her, only for a distraught Anne, Sasha, Sprig, and everyone to back away, leaving Marcy on her knees crying and saying she didn't want to be alone. Marcy pulled herself together and joined Anne and the others in fighting the robots. Marcy rode on Joe Sparrow to save Sprig from dying when Anne triggered the power of the blue gem and fought Andrias, Marcy then pulled the Calamity Box off its pedestal and used it to open a gateway to Earth. Andrias impaled Marcy with his laser sword as Anne and the Plantars jumped through the vortex. Accepting her fate, Marcy apologized to Anne right before falling to the ground due to her wounds and the gateway closed.[14] 041b061a72


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