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Chicken Invaders 2 Portable: A Classic Arcade Game with a Twist

Sometime in the near future, Earth is invaded by chickens from another galaxy, bent on revenge against the human race for oppressing earth chickens! Take the world's fate in your hands (or at least have an omelette) in this modern rendition of the 80's classic. Save the world today!

Chicken Invaders 2 portable

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Intelligent, intergalactic space chickens offended by the fact that earth chickens are bred and killed for their meat and eggs. The first time they came to Earth, they became so enraged that they wanted to destroy the planet.

The Chicken Invaders franchise is a cult classic among indie gamers for its zany humor, bright cartoonish graphics, and smooth, minimalist gameplay. The goal is simple: shoot waves and waves of flying chickens until they die.

This time, however, the chickens have developed a fiendish plan. The Giant Egg Cannon just destroyed the Death Star and is coming to Earth to destroy the planet. It will coat the earth with sticky white goo, and everything will be cooked by the heat of the sun.

Chickens will often drop drumsticks, fried chickens or chicken burgers. Collect 100 to get a missile which will wipe out all the chickens on the screen. You can also collect coins for increased scores, keys for unlockable items, and upgrades for better weapons. Weapons come in colors of presents:

Well, fine, if you insist. Chicken Invaders is the most successful chicken game of this millennium (not to mention the previous one). The game puts you at the forefront of a battle against invading intergalactic chickens, bent on revenge against the human race for our oppression of Earth chickens.

Chicken Invaders 3 is an arcade game for your Windows Phone that is designed in the tradition of classic arcade games such as Space Invaders (opens in new tab) and Galaga (opens in new tab). The key difference being that instead of battling alien space ships, you face hostile space chickens.

The storyline of Chicken Invaders 3 has intergalactic chickens invading Earth, seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthly brethren. Colonel Sanders is in big trouble! Your job is to take the fight to space and defend the planet and our ability to enjoy a bucket of extra crispy.

Once you set your game options and are sent into the game, you'll run through a series of story boards (you can advance by tapping the screen) to eventually get to the gaming screen. The layout of the gaming screen has your score and weapons status in the upper left corner. In the lower left corner are your vital stats including lives, bonus missiles, and chicken parts collected. There is a lightning bolt that I have yet to figure out what it measures.

The object of the game is simple, blast the chickens and other obstacles out of the sky. You can move your ship by one of two ways (set in the options). You can choose the drag setting where you tap, hold and drag your ship around the screen. There is also the tap setting where you tap the screen where you want your ship to move to. With the tap setting you end up dragging your finger around so I found choosing the drag setting works the best.

The chickens come at you in waves flying into the gaming field much like the aliens do in the game of Galaga. Once they line up in formation, they will begin to drop eggs. While you can blast the chickens into oblivion, you can not shoot the eggs. The challenge with the eggs is that they are a) slow moving and b) so small they often blend in with everything else that is going on. This makes them easy to forget about and easy to fly into.

Periodically, you will face challenges other than the chickens such as an asteroid field and a barrage of treasure chests. You will also find weapons boosts fall after you blast a target that will give your weapons system a nice little spark.

Along with your main weapons system you also have the opportunity to earn bonus missiles. These missiles will launch from your ship and destroy everything that is on the screen. How do you earn these missiles? When you take out a chicken, they explode into fried chicken pieces and chicken sandwiches. Collect fifty of these chicken parts and you earn a bonus missile.

Chicken Invaders is a free space shoot-em-up game that presents a weird and whimsical spin on the classic Space Invaders. In this game, you take command of a spaceship charged with defending Earth from wave after wave of intergalactic barnyard fowl. By dodging eggs, blasting chickens and collecting drumsticks you'll battle your way through the game's limitless levels.

There isn't much to the gameplay of Chicken Invaders: it's a humorous reskin of classic shoot-em-ups, with all the features you'd expect from that. As you advance, you'll discover presents that let you upgrade your ship with new and more powerful weapons. Blast enough chickens and you'll be rewarded with drumsticks. Collecting drumsticks can earn you a powerful missile which will let you get past particularly challenging sections. Each level consists of ten waves; at the end of every ten waves, you'll fight a boss, after which you'll warp to the next level. That's it, more or less: it's a traditional arcade-style game without story, characters, or gameplay wrinkles. The added weirdness of your targets being chickens does lend the whole thing an air of bizarre humour.

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