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The Black Stallion Movie In Italian Download BETTER

The Black Stallion/Shêtân - the black Arabian crossbred stallion who is the main character of the Black Stallion series. He is strong, fast, temperamental, and shares a strong bond with Alec. He was originally bred in Arabia, the property of Abu Ja' Kub ben Ishak, but ultimately was captured or stolen, placed on a ship to a destination unknown, where he first encounters Alec. After the two are shipwrecked and then rescued, he is taken to America by Alec, and becomes a horse to reckon with out on the racetrack.

the Black Stallion movie in italian download

It's 1946. Alec Ramsey (Kelly Reno) is traveling on a ship with his father. There is a wild Arabian stallion on board. The ship sinks and the boy becomes stranded on a desert island with the horse. He is eventually rescued and returned to his mother (Teri Garr) with the horse. When the horse runs away, trainer Henry Dailey (Mickey Rooney) catches him. Together, they train him to race on the big tracks.It takes a little too long to get going with a very slow start. The ship sinking is exciting and the island is beautiful. I think the island is actually a great place for the boy to speak. It would give him real personality. The music and the lack of dialog makes the movie beautiful to look at but it could have been more. With great writing, the boy could have delivered a compelling performance like 'Cast Away'. However he's never given the chance and the movie moves along slowly but beautifully. Considering the drama in the story, the movie really lacks tension. When they're off the island, the movie takes its time. It wants to be atmospheric and mythical. The second half never gets any of that. It feels tired and formulaic. The first half is a beauty but the second half is lacking.

After acclimating to his new life of solititude and a thirst for survival, he discovers he is not quite completely alone. He finds the black stallion all tangled in ropes and struggling in a pit of rocks on his shared deserted island. He and his pocket knife cautiously approach the wild beast and break him free. His only potential for companionship has just bolted.


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