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[S5E16] Death And The Maiden

In the initial plans for the series, Jack was going to die midway through the first episode, and then Kate would emerge as the leader of the survivors.[19] Kate's original backstory was that her husband went to the bathroom shortly before the plane split in mid-air, and on the Island she would remain adamant that he was alive.[19] However the Lost producers changed their minds about Jack's death; they decided he would become the leader and created a new backstory for Kate.[19] They still liked Kate's original backstory, so they used it for Rose.[19] As Rose is black, the producers thought the audience would expect Rose's husband to also be black, and decided to make Bernard a white character to surprise the audience.[20] They expected the audience to assume Mr. Eko (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), the only black man in the tail-section survivors, was Bernard.[21] L. Scott Caldwell, Rose's portrayer, was unaware of their plans and had been picturing her own husband, a tall black man, when playing the scenes.[20] When she found out Bernard was white she was surprised, but not shocked.[20] Sam Anderson was unaware of which character he would be playing when he was cast in Lost.[22] During his audition he performed a scene where a man from the plane crash was informed his daughter was still alive, which he noted covered a similar emotion to the scene in which Bernard is told Rose is still alive.[22] Anderson and Caldwell were given a rough idea of how much they would appear at the start of the seasons.[22]

[S5E16] Death and the Maiden



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