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Buy Final Four Tickets 2018

The 68-team field that started off the 2018 NCAA Tournament has been narrowed down to the Final Four, which is now the hottest ticket in town as fans are clamoring to watch the thrilling end to one of the best March Madness' in recent memory. The No. 11 Loyola-Chicago Ramblers, No. 3 Michigan Wolverines, No. 1 Kansas Jayhawks and No. 1 Villanova Wildcats all advanced through their respective portion of the bracket and survived some close calls to book their tickets to San Antonio for the last weekend of the Big Dance. Fans hoping to follow these teams to southern Texas have been scrambling to get their own tickets to these games, of which there are two semifinal matchups this upcoming Saturday and a national championship final on Monday.

buy final four tickets 2018


That line of thinking could also burn supporters, as anyone who bought a ticket to the Final Four this year hoping to see a top seed like Xavier, Virginia, Duke, Purdue, Cincinnati or North Carolina could attest. TicketCity recommends those who just want to catch the final Final Four, regardless of schools involved, buy tickets the day before Selection Sunday or during the week leading up to the Elite Eight to get the best deal possible.

Fully 80% of the capacity will be available to the public. From that total, each of the four qualified teams will be allotted with approximately 800 tickets in different categories. The other 20% of the seating is reserved for media, sponsors and authorities. 041b061a72


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