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All American - Season 5Eps4

I have loved every episode of All Creatures Great and Small, loved watching the characters grow, loved seeing how they each are branching out and finding their way. I worry about the looming war as season three approaches, but cannot wait to see how the community continues to pull together in times of adversity. This is truly a show not to be missed if you want a heartwarming, feel-good story that will make your day seem a little brighter.

All American - Season 5Eps4

As I write, CBS has not yet renewed Supergirl for a second season. News releases indicate that the ratings were a bit low, though that does not necessarily mean the show will not return. Cancelling Supergirl, however, would be a huge disappointment because the show does work the entertainment industry desperately needs.

Supergirl has so much to offer going forward. I expect it will continue to address feminist issues and I also hope that it brings on more characters of color because right now its feminism looks a little white. As the show continues to find its voice, however, I have hope that it will continue to do good work bringing important issues to the attention of viewers, and making it more common to discuss ways to promote positive change in society. After all, stories are more than entertainment; they are inspiration. Supergirl inspires me, and I hope it can inspire more of us in a second season.

Though I found the first episode of the season a little lackluster, I determined to carry on with this series in hopes that I would begin to like the characters more and thus feel more invested in their stories. However, though I found the mystery in this episode more intriguing than the last, I also continued to feel as though I really ought to watch season one if I am ever to care about these characters.

I had hoped to find a the first season of Grantchester at the library and perhaps watch it this summer, but found I could not wait to watch the show I have been seeing so much about. So I jumped right into season two, knowing nothing more than that the show features a young vicar who solves crimes with his police detective friend. It sounded just like the type of show I would enjoy, but, for now, I am reserving judgment.

We are touching down the last episode of Season 3. Yes, ini merupakan episode penutup dari pembahasan kita mengenai malnutrisi dan sistem pangan. Di episode terakhir ini kita mau mengingatkan kembali bahwa jangan take everything for granted, kita harus selalu menghargai apa yang tersedia di depan kita karena kalau tidak kita akan menghasilkan limbah makanan, yang bisa kasih makan mereka- mereka yang kekurangan!! Limbah makanan merupakan diskursus yang jarang terdengar, tapi kali ini kita bahas dengan bahasa yang sangat membumi dan pastinya dengan contoh- contoh yang sangat relevan. Selain itu, ada sekedar tips juga agar kita bisa berkontribusi untuk mengurangi limbah makanan. Once again, kita sangat terbuka dengan kritik dan saran dari kalian, selalu ingat surel kita di See ya guys next season. Cheers!

Back with us again, dan sudah hampir di penghujung season 3. Kembali bincang soal angan-angan, tapi sekarang mencoba untuk lebih tangible, karena kita mau coba kasih solusi untuk permasalahan malnutrisi. Episode ini membahas sebuah possible solution untuk problem malnutrisi, yakni dengan pendekatan sistem pangan. Kalau merasa kurang familiar dengan ini, kuy kita belajar bersama- sama soalnya kita bahas dengan bahasa yg menyentuh tanah.

Di season 3 ini, kita akan membawa isu malnutrisi ke permukaan karena berbagai alasan yang akan kita kulik pada season ini. Sebagai permulaan, tak kenal maka tak sayang, kita perkenalkan dulu malnutrisi secara definisi abstrak sampai definisi yang menyentuh bumi. Di episode 1 ini kamu akan berkenalan dengan berbagai jenis malnutrisi dan kami akan menjelaskan kenapa isu ini penting untuk awam ketahui.

Episode ini merupakan rangkaian dari season 1 mengenai COVID-19 dari kacamata kesehatan global. Obrolan semakin panas ditambah datangnya suara merdu ngebuat podcast ini semakin seru. Kuy didenger langsung!! 041b061a72


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