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Being Fearless by Lorraine Lawson

Being fearless is often seen as a quality recording artists must possess in order to be successful.

But when you think of what it really takes to stand on a stage to perform for an audience of loud screaming fans, it’s not exactly fearlessness that got them to that point. Instead, it is their ability to get past their fears and do what they need to do anyway.

It’s important to understand that being fearless does not mean you never feel fear. In fact it’s the ability to confront your fears by taking on 3 key things…

✔ Your ability to know who you are

✔ Your desire to build your skills

✔ Your willingness to gain the experience you need to trust yourself in any situation or circumstance

Facing your fears required you to be someone who is willing to step outside your comfort zone, embrace uncertainty, and pursue your goals without hesitation.

Fear is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences at points in their lives. We all feel the anxiety of the unknown. We all worry about what the outcome may or may not be. We all get insecure walking into new situations with new people.

The difference between one person over another is the desire to do whatever it is that we fear, despite those fears.

One way to become fearless is to face your fears head-on. This may involve doing something that scares you, such as speaking in public or performing on a big stage or collaborating with people you perceive as ‘better or more experienced than you’.

I don’t fully recommend saying yes without doing the important work of first building your skills until there are consistent and reliable. The second is asking yourself some very important questions starting with ‘who do you need to be?’ in order to say yes powerfully.

LVS provides not only the training people need in vocal, performance, and career skills, but we are also known for providing the opportunities for our students to build the experience they need to do whatever they desire at the highest level.

When you confront your fears, you may notice they are often not as scary as you thought they were. You may even discover that you're more capable than you ever thought possible.

The key is to appreciate there will always be challenges and setbacks, and instead of giving up or holding yourself back, these obstacles become opportunities to learn and grow.

Our ADI program is built on the foundation of KNOWING WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE COMMITTED TO in order to do whatever it is you want to do.

When you know who you are and what your are committed to, you more likely to take risks and try new things, even if there's a chance of failure.

Surrounding yourself with positive influences including friends and family and of course our incredible LVS Community, can be the missing ingredient to facing your fears head on. Our community support and encourage each other to take on any fears they may have, knowing no one is judging them for trying something new or expanding beyond their comfort zone.

We want every person we work with, to walk away from our programs and classes feeling the difference positive, results driven coaching can have on taking on new those new challenges.

The truth is, fearless is not something that can be achieved overnight. It requires a combination of facing your fears, surrounding yourself with positive influences, building your skills and trusting who you are.

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