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YOUR Mental Health is important 

As creatives, singers, songwriters, actors, dancers and visual artists, we often suffer from mental health issues and use our creativity as a way to express what they are going through. 

For so many others, expressing how they feel can be difficult and often impossible. 

People throughout history have always turned to music as a way to tell the story of their life. 

Finding ways to express our deepest emotions is one of the keys to developing a mentally healthy outlook not to mention the power music has to connect people on every level. 

As a coach, I recognized early on in my career, the importance of developing the singers inner identity of who they are and not just their vocal and performance skills. 

Knowing who you are is the heart of the Artist Development Program because so often the gap from where someone is, to where they want to be can be emotionally painful and frustrating. The gap can have too many empty promises from industry partners and too many disappointments after disappointments, where the singer is left feeling lost and alone. 

ADI provides the tools for the singer to take back the control to their own path by filling the gap not only with how but with who; who they are and who they want to work with. I want to empower singers to work with people who make them feel inspired and motivated to be exactly who they want to be. 

Let’s face it, writing & recording songs is an incredible way to express how you feel. The finished song allows the story live somewhere else and the singer can come back to it when they want. 

When an artist takes the stage they somehow become a super hero. Whatever insecurities stay in the wings and the Artist persona takes over, making the person feel immediately invincible, confident and accomplished.  

I love when we hold Performance Bootcamps or Student Showcases because I get to witness the transformation from that person feeling ordinary to feeling extraordinary. 

This week, my good friends Hayley and Randy Lennox along with many other amazing industry partners, launched a song which involved over 50 singers across Canada to support Kids Help Phone. The video is attached in the email newsletter. So many amazing artists including LVS artists Roy Woods, JESSIA, Crash Adams, Blue Will, GRAE and Jamie Fine shared their talent to support this incredible cause. 

There is another layer to mental health, after first investing in yourself which to give to others. Volunteer at a charity or offer to help someone you know is struggling. 

The LVS community is special in the way they support each other wherever they are! We operate our programs by providing access to all ages and levels. Music is the equalizer in the room. People who have lots of experience can create with people with no experience. Talent is subjective and the level of success someone has can come without limitations, rules or boundaries. 

So this week, Let’s dream big. Let’s give big! Let’s dig deep! Let’s make a difference by starting with who we are and how we can share who we are with the world. 

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