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Power of Affirmations by Lorraine Lawson

The power of affirmations goes beyond any tangible logic but there is no doubt saying a positive sentence over and over to yourself, as if it were true, can transform not only how you see yourself but how you project yourself out to the world.

In my using affirmations with the artists I work with, I have seen people go from feeling insecure to feeling secure, from lacking motivation to having motivation, from being inconsistent to being consistent.

A person who says the same sentence over and over, can shape their thoughts and beliefs. Those thoughts and beliefs influence their behaviour and actions, and therefore, their outcomes.

Unfortunately many people have limiting beliefs about themselves that are on repeat. These thoughts can hold them back from reaching their full potential. For example, someone might believe that they are not good enough or that they do not deserve success. These beliefs can become self-fulfilling prophecies, as the individual may unconsciously sabotage their own efforts to reach the high note, perform on a stage or go for the career and life they have always longed for.

For example some artists may say things like;

I’m too scared to perform.

What if the audience doesn’t like me.

I hate putting myself out there especially on social media.

I don’t deserve happiness

I’m not good enough.

No one believes in me.

These negative sentences convince the brain they are true. They become excuses and justifications, unless we change them.

When we develop the skills to replace the negative sentences with positive affirmations, we can train our mind to focus on the positive and to believe that positive outcomes are possible.

The artists I see who use these on a daily basis, Jennifer Lopez, Jessie Reyes, Crash Adams, and Frank Kadilak from Neon Dreams just to name a few. These artists are killing in their careers. They seem to have an ability to take risks at the right time, attract the right fans and connect deeply with their audience on every level including socials, streaming and live performance.

The artists who believe in themself tend to be more disciplined and consistent in their commitments to themselves, their teams and ability to stay connected to their growing fan base.

I use affirmations and power of suggestion as a tool for the artists I work with, in all my programs especially my Performance Coaching, ADI Artist Development intensive and of course private coaching because they work!!

A person who believes in themself will put the time, effort and financial investment necessary to building their skills to trust themself. People who don’t believe in themself often invest too much money in the wrong people at the wrong time, often feeling desperate to be told by someone else that they are on the right track.

The artists in the mentorship program have seen massive personal growth and real results from using affirmations and power of suggestion when writing their bios, selling themselves, requesting collaborations or speaking more authentically on social media.

Try writing a few affirmations this week. Be specific, positive, and focused on what you want to achieve. Then repeat these sentences regularly with emotion, ideally on a daily basis.

For example;

“I am a captivating memorable performer and capable of winning over any size audience whether they know me or don’t know me.”

“I am fearless in my pursuit of becoming the artist I am meant to be”

“I trust in my abilities to transform any room by being my full authentic creative and inspiring self”

With practice, affirmations coupled with regular tangible skill building, can become a powerful tool for creating positive change in all areas of your life.

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