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The Importance of Effective Communication

COMMUNICATION SKILLS - It is at the heart of how we share who we are with others allows us to build the kind of meaningful relationships we need not just for where we are in the moment but as the bridge to where we want to go.

It is through, productive, and stimulating communication we are able to connect more deeply with ourselves, our inner circle, our clients, and of course our audience.

Whether it's through verbal or non-verbal cues, written or spoken words, we have responsibly to share our vision for our future with others by enrolling them in our journey and us in theirs. The ability to express exactly what you want to a fellow co-writer, producer, or a sound technicians for example, can have a massive impact on your over all success, let alone your ability to speak to yours audience in a really personalized and connected way. So many artists I work with, say their greatest fear is speaking to the audience. They love to perform their music but get completely stopped by what to say between songs. They stumble over their words and often immediately loose their Artist persona the minute they stop singing and start speaking. Planning what to say and when during the live performance is equally as important as the vocal and physical performance. More often than not, the words spoken can be what the audience remembers the most because of how the artist message makes the audience feel. This is why I encourage my clients to dig deeply into WHO they are so they can express who they are powerfully on and off stage. In order to do this, we develop speaking skills including the tone, pitch, vocal colour, dynamics, rhythmic phrasing and pace of the voice to perfectly reflect the deeper emotional expression of the artist. In reality the speaking voice should be similar to the singing voice for immediate audience recognition. There are 2 significant ways for an artist to build their audience; perform live and of course engage the audience on social media. There is no hiding from it any longer and it doesn’t matter what someone does for a living either, digital marketing is here to stay. There is an increasing pressure to demonstrate social proof of who we are, what we are doing, where we are, where we are going and communicate this brand effectively in this digital world. The demand to not only develop powerful effective communication skills is coupled with the pressure develop our ability to monetize it as part of our personal brand. There is no question at the centre of our success personally and professionally is our ability to communicate effectively period.

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