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do what you love!

A note from Lorraine.

Each year, I like to choose a theme for the studio, our clients, and our coaches to help us stay motivated and inspired throughout the year. This year the theme is to DO WHAT YOU LOVE! As I contemplated what it means to do what you love, I noticed there are 3 key areas many people often overlook.

  1. The Ability to Do It - Developing the skills you need to be able to do what you love at a higher level helps you trust yourself to be able to stand on a stage, track vocals in the studio, sit in a room with other creators with the ability to articulate your ideas clearly and finally be able to express who you are and what you do to an audience without limits!

  2. The Time to Do It - Make sure you devote the time not only to develop your skills but also simply to set aside the time monthly, weekly, and daily to do what you love. Life can get busy with lots of distractions pulling you in all sorts of directions. Next thing you know, the week is over and you realize you didn’t get to do the things you said you would for yourself! ‘Self Care’ has been a trending topic. Consider the best form of self-care is to be able to carve out the time in our schedule to do what is important to us, to do the things that light us up, and to do the activities that inspire us not just once in a while but regularly for our physical mental and emotional health.

  3. Surround Yourself With The People You Want to Do It With - This is more important than you may realize. Doing what you love alone certainly is a great place to start but there is simply nothing better than when you can do what you love with other people who love to do it too!!

This year, I challenge you to choose a few things you love to do. Look at how you can develop your skills in these areas, prioritize the time to do it with people you love to do it with, and notice the difference it makes in your life!!

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