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How developing ‘Discipline’ can make all the difference….

This week I sent a voice memo coaching about how developing discipline can make all the difference in someone’s overall success. 

I knew this was something worth digging a little deeper into because so many of the people we work with don’t suffer from a lack of talent, they suffer from a lack of discipline to consistently put in the work necessary to achieve what they want. 

There are SO many talented people writing, recording, and releasing music. There are so many incredible performers who can take the stage and dazzle the audience. There are so many people posting great content on social media, BUT VERY few of these people, are getting the attention they want because they are simply not doing it consistently enough to get the attention of the audience or the industry. 

It's important to acknowledge very few people are actually pursuing what they love to do, let alone know what they want and where they want to go. 

Very few people actually declare what they want out loud and even fewer put themselves out there publicly on social media and have the confidence to perform live on a stage. 

To stand out, especially today, it’s super important to understand it is not the quality of the work that gets noticed but the quantity. Now that could sound negative but if you think about it, quantity without some consistent level of quality doesn’t move the dial. We went to know we are working hard every day to get the results we want because when we do we get the results faster than if we only exercised once and a while for example. 

The algorithms on all the various platforms reward our usage. The artist who releases music every 4-6 weeks on Spotify has a better chance get more playlist placements, streams, and audience engagement than the artist who puts out one song every 6 months or longer. 

Another pitfall I see is around performing. The artist who puts all their eggs into one big amazing show won’t get as much attention as the artist who performs regularly. Showing you are performing every week for fewer people can have a greater impact than performing again once in and while for a larger audience. 

It’s hard for the audience to find great talent unless that talent is focused on sharing everything they are doing all the time. 

Even the industry won’t take notice unless the artist is consistently sharing how much they are creating, consistently sharing what they are doing, consistently working hard on their career, and yes consistently marketing and promoting themselves and their music. 

The level of discipline it takes to work at this level is enormous and the person who can make this level of discipline look easy is even attractive not only to the industry but to the audience. 

Maybe you are one of those people who do amazing things sometimes and then at other times don’t. It’s not that you don’t want to but maybe you find that you make excuses or maybe because you get overwhelmed or easily distracted or simply because you haven’t taken the time to develop the discipline you need. 

The truth is, to win at anything requires us to first show up in a big way first to ourselves and to what we say is important to us. 

But then we need to show up to the people around us, our supporters, our fans, our coaches, and collaborators. 

Filling the gap from where you are to where you want to be is always first about WHO not HOW. 

Are you someone with the discipline to stay on the path even when it’s slow and hard or do you find you aren’t disciplined enough right now? 

The next question you want to ask yourself is… ‘do you have the people around you to help you develop the discipline you need to get closer to what you want? 

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