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no regrets

A note from Lorraine.

When most people say “life is short” I usually say, “life is long”.

My reasoning for this unpopular turn of phrase is simple, I want to live my life each day making decisions small and large, with the attitude these decisions should be worthy of a lifetime.

This could mean talking to a stranger with kindness or choosing my closest friends. It could mean what to sing, what to post, what to say, what to think and it most certainly applies to what I choose to do each and every day.

The damage of leading life from a place of LIFE IS SHORT is you may make a decision, often quickly, which could have a significant cost in your future.

There is a carefree notion that if you live your life with the feeling you will have more time later to start doing what you love, or to believe what is meant to be will be, or you shouldn’t care about what other people think YOU will have less anxiety, less fear of rejection, less fear of disappointment and less overwhelm.

Sadly the result of NOT pursuing what we love is a massive feeling regret.

REGRET is something we all will face from time to time. I for one, want to limit as many regrets as I can while I am able. This is my main motivation to behind creating LVS and expanding out audience to as many people as we can to not only pursue what they love but be able to do what they love with people who love to do it too.

My dear step mom passed away suddenly this week. She had accomplished so much in her life but despite this there still were so many unrealized dreams.

There was never enough time in her mind to accomplish it all so she didn’t start, to write the book or start the restaurant or have her own clothing line.

My step sister shared her impression that most people do not have a passion or a dream to guide them or to strive for. She said how luck I have been in my life to know what I was good at and to devote my life to it.

I feel so fortunate everyday to do what I love with people who share my passion whether it be my colleagues, collaborators, students or friends. But I too can not escape feels of regret on occasion.

It often takes great loss to ignite a renewed commitment towards your person growth and development; and to look at your dreams carefully and make a plan to work towards them.

The lesson is to not waste a day, a thought, a conversation on something that doesn’t move you closer from where you are to the dreams for where you want to be.

The lesson is to not think you have an unlimited time to get started on your journey but to remember all great accomplishments take time.





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